Incorporating Tabata Exercise Into Walnut Creek Boot Camp Program for Better Results

Labeled as the “four-minute, fat-burning miracle workout”, by top fitness magazine Shape, the Tabata exercise is becoming more and more popular among gym and fitness centers around the country. Dubbed by its devotees with an odd mix of adjectives, such as “brutal”, “tortuous”, “fun” and “efficient”, to name a few, the type of exercise has been around since the mid-1990’s. Japanese scientist Izumi Tabata developed this while working with his country’s Olympic speed skaters back then.

Dee Assael, a fitness instructor, introduces Tabata in one of her many classes. Reading about it last year, she says that it has caught on like wildfire and incorporated this into her boot camp exercise program just like many reputable Walnut Creek boot camp trainers. Dee also adds, “people are always looking to try new things, and Tabata is never boring as it allows for a lot of work done within a short time frame”.

A participant, Cassandra Threatt, is completely sold on these Tabata workouts. She shared that she has dropped around two dress sizes since joining Assael’s classes last June. “I have done numerous workouts for years yet Tabata has boosted my metabolism in a different way, I can see the difference already,” she added.

The whole idea of this workout is to fit in 20 seconds of maximum effort cardio activity combined with 10 seconds of rest, while repeated as many times as possible. The norm though, should fit at least 8 cycles within four minutes. Many trainers say that this is highly-effective as long as the person can maintain the intensity. Another trainer adds, “you place the pedal to the metal and keep it there until you pass out”.

Tabata is growing because of its short workout duration with a typical class lasting only for about 25 minutes, which is ideal for people who have tight schedules. However, one trainer comments, “just cause it doesn’t take that much time doesn’t necessarily mean that its easy”. Beginners are advised to track their progress all the time and listen to what their body feels as people have different endurance levels, so they have to adjust to this types of exercise.

Despite its widespread popularity, some fitness centers and gyms have yet to add Tabata exercises into their overall programs. As such, health enthusiasts are recommended to check out their local Walnut Creek boot camp gyms, such as Dream Body boot camp, when looking for effective ways to achieve their health and fitness goals.

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