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From the desk of: Matt Johnson
Dream Body Boot Camp

Date: Monday July 1, 2013

Dear Friend:

  • Are you tired of not having enough time or money to get into better shape?
  • Have you tried dozens of fads, infomercial products and supposed miracle cures without success?
  • Are you out of energy and worried about poor health?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable in your body, or embarrassed about wearing a bathing suit or sexy dress?

My name is Matt Johnson, and I know firsthand the struggles of trying to lose weight and get a better body. When I was growing up, I was always the chubby kid, despite the fact that I was always active. I was teased and ridiculed to no end by my older brothers and his friends.

Eventually I decided I had enough, and needed to make a change. My approach to fitness and health simply wasn’t working. So I went to San Diego State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis on fitness, nutrition and health from one of the country’s best programs.

Not only did it turn my life around, but it gave me the knowledge and expertise to help you change your life around too.

I founded the Dream Body Boot Camp in San Diego, and helped hundreds of people just like yourself change their lives, and achieve their ultimate fitness goals. After that, I realized I had to go back home, and help as many people as possible from the area I grew up in. Welcome to the Concord boot camp.

When you sign up and let me help you as your new Concord personal trainer, I can guarantee that I’ll help you get the body of your dreams. You will feel confident, feel sexy and look better than ever.

It’s time to say goodbye to the excuses and the unsuccessful fad programs, and get started with our revolutionary boot camp and fitness workouts.


Jenna lost 5 1/2 lbs, 6 1/2 inches, and 4.4% body fat in just 1 month!


In just 1 month, Sharon is down 7 lbs, 9 inches, and 2% body fat!

Janene Davis

Janene Davis lost 20 lbs in just 7 weeks!


Carol’s lost over 40 pounds and looks AMAZING!


Hilary is down 40lbs and feels GREAT!

Susan Rhodes

Susan Rhodes is down 6 dress sizes!!


Kim went from 27% to 24% bodyfat in just 3 1/2 weeks!


Sophia went from 19% body fat to 15% in only 4 WEEKS!!!


Thuy is down to 15% body fat!



  • Gain confidence, wear those sexy clothes, and look great for your spouse or significant other
  • Melt away fat and eliminate problem areas as you say goodbye to thunder thighs, jello arms, muffin tops and cankles once and for all
  • Get a beautiful, flat, lean stomach that you can show off at the beach
  • Improve your health, be more energetic and feel ready to take on the world
  • Finally achieve your fitness goals with a fun, innovative and efficient program
The Body of Your Dreams is Within Reach at our New Concord Boot Camp

If you’re like most people, you’ve tried plenty of programs before without seeing success. Well it’s time to change all of that around.

With the Dream Body Boot Camp in Concord, your biggest fitness goals will finally be within reach.

Stop feeling like people judge you because of your appearance, or that you’re not sexy enough for your partner. Instead, wear that tight, short dress or that stunning bikini with confidence.

You’ll be able to keep up with your kids thanks to improved energy levels, you’ll eliminate health problems and medical risks, and you’ll do it all with a fun, unique workout program to complete.

Dream Body Boot Camp

  • Choose between 60-minute workout warrior routines
  • Experience fat-melting workouts which can burn 1,000 calories
  • Utilize constantly changing routines with creative exercises and unique equipment
  • Enjoy a fun, friendly and supportive community
  • Flexible scheduling to fit with your lifestyle
  • Affordable prices and referral rewards
  • Guaranteed results, or your money back!

At the Dream Body Boot Camp in Concord, we’re committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals. Our innovative, efficient and effective fat melting workouts are unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and the friendly and supportive environment makes it easy for anyone to get started for the first time.

Dream Body Concord Boot Camp
Other Boot Camps, Fads and Big Box Programs
  • Fun, innovative and unique workouts
  • Flexible scheduling and affordable pricing
  • Guaranteed results
  • Friendly, supportive environment
  • Stale, tired workouts which never change
  • Limited classes with pricey fees
  • Nothing guaranteed
  • “Workout snobs” & unsupportive instructors

What sets us apart from other personal trainers, boot camp and weight loss programs is our dedication to making your experience a fun one. Sign up today!

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When you enroll in our new Concord boot camp, we’re so confident that you’ll see amazing results, that we’re proud to offer you our special Happiness Guarantee.

The sexy body of your dreams is finally within reach. Imagine burning off 1,000 calories , while performing fun, unique workouts with a friendly community. We’ll get you to your fitness goals, and we’ll ensure that you enjoy immediate and long-lasting success.

There’s no need to waste countless hours at the gym, throw away money on ineffective programs, or to feel as if you’re stuck and there is nothing else that you can do to try to see results. At the Dream Body Boot Camp in Concord, your wildest fitness dreams are all possible.

Don’t put it off any longer. Be confident with your body, and feel sexy in that slinky dress or bathing suit. Sign up today and get ready to change your life once and for all.


Matt Johnson
Dream Body Boot Camp

PS. With our 30-day Happiness Guarantee, there’s absolutely no risk to get started. Let me help you as your new Concord personal trainer, and I promise you that the results you see will speak for themselves. Get the body of your dreams by taking action today.

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